Follow Up Sessions

Follow up Chinese Medicine sessions are currently not available. Phiona is offering Shamanic Counseling and Distant Seichim Reiki sessions only at this time. You can book these from the drop down menu above titled “new patients”. We will update this page if Chinese medicine consults become available again. At this time Phiona is too busy and happy creating Chinese herbal products for Bio HerboloQi.

For Patients and Health Coaching Clients

After you have completed your New Patient Package, we offer follow up sessions.

Follow Up consults go for 30, 60 or sometimes 90 minutes as needed. At the beginning these are usually weekly or bi-weekly. They are required less often when you get into the swing of your routine and are on top of your health. Maintenance sessions are always welcome periodically down the track. Many find this is really important as life’s ups and downs come along. So, Phiona will always be here for you because health and life are fluid.

Continuing Patient Consult Fees:

  • 30 mins $67
  • 60 mins $133
  • 90 mins $197

Email Support is charged at $133 / hr and is pro-rated per minute. If you book a follow up session, any leftover minutes can be saved for email questions.

You can pre-purchase email support and you can use it for questions between consults. Often patients have quick questions that don’t require a consult booking. If you have more than 2 quick questions, please book a consult instead. Email support is ideal for questions on topics we have already discussed, and saves many from making a potential mistake between consults.

We keep track of all the minutes you have available, and you will be sent a private link so you can check how many minutes you have left anytime.

Phiona will be prescribing a range of integrative interventions to improve your health and wellbeing and support you to thrive in your heart and soul.

Treatments vary greatly, depending on who you are, what you need and what works for you within your beliefs & lifestyle.

It may include: Chinese Herbal medicine, Acupuncture, Biochemistry specific Supplements, Nutritional & Diet advice, Lifestyle modifications, Meditation and Exercise. We also do extensive pathology testing.

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