New Patient Package

Phiona is currently not accepting new patients for Chinese Medicine consults because she is too busy with Bio HerboloQi. You can book in for Shamanic Counseling or Distant Seichim Reiki under the new patients drop down menu above. We will update this page if Chinese medicine consults become available again in future. We apologize for any inconvenience. Get in touch if would like a recommendation.

If you are ready to take serious steps to resolve your health issues, we start with your New Patient Package, which is made up of 3 parts. The New Patient Package also includes FREE email support until you have completed the Initial package. This is also where you start if you are signing up for Health Coaching.

This is charged as 1 inclusive Initial consult fee of $264. The 3 parts are:

1. Email questionnaire.

You will receive this after you make your initial consult booking. You need to complete this & return it to me prior to your initial consult. It will take you approximately 30 minutes to complete.

2. In Depth Consult.

This first consult will go for approximately 60 minutes. The time required is approximated as this consult is for me to get a thorough history from you and go through your current health diagnostics and let you know a brief summary of the treatment plan I propose for you. Your questionnaire information will be included in this consult also. If you are a Health Coaching client, Phiona will also use your medical history to start coaching you.

3. Treatment Plan Workshop/ Personalized Meditation:

This will go for approximately 30 minutes. We do this ASAP after your initial consult, but on a different day. One thing that is essential to get really good results is for me to know what works really well for you, and for us both to make it do-able for you. In this session, we workshop your Treatment Plan to make it realistic and motivating for you implement it. Having a plan that will work is one thing, but tailoring it to you and your psyche is what will make it really effective and do-able for you. For this session, Phiona creates a personalized recorded meditation for many patients or health coaching clients. This is something you can keep and listen to regularly and it’s been created specifically for you.

Everyone has a lifestyle, or work schedule going on and other things that have to be nourished in their life to stay balanced. A health plan needs to also nourish the rest of your life, relationships, responsibilities, finances and goals. I want it to work for you. We find out what your goals are and how improvements to your health are going to help you reach your goals.This way we can remove any blocks to genuine health improvement that may be affecting you. You may not have any blocks and that is great! You will still benefit from this process as we make sure your plan fits you & your life really well.

During the time from when you are sent the Questionnaire, until you have completed the Workshop, you will receive FREE email support.

After you have completed your New Patient Package, you can become a Continuing Patient. Phiona continues your program and health journey through Continuing patient consults and email support. You are also welcome to book for Shamanic Counseling or Reiki at any time, and do not have to have completed the New Patient Package to book in for either of these.